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How do Commercial lo doc loan applications work?


A common challenge for business owners when seeking finance is the need to have current (latest) financials, with the current year, not more than 18 months old (generally).
Having current financials certainly gives borrowers the widest selection of lender options available and therefore the best chance of securing the most competitive finance terms available. Read more

What is a lease doc loan?



A lease doc loan is a simplified loan application process some banks use to assess commercial investment property finance deals.

It is not available for residential property loans.

If a deal meets the lease doc policy, then this can substantially reduce the amount of paper work required as compared to a standard / full doc commercial / business loan application.

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APRA releases shackles on mortgage prisoners

Read on to understand what a relaxation in lending standards could do for new and existing borrowers.

After the tightening of lending standards over the past 12 months, it looks like things are loosening which will provide a big boost for,

  • potential borrowers looking to buy property and
  • existing borrowers who need to refinance!

This is because, earlier this week the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) who is responsible for overseeing the prudent lending standards in Australia announced that it had begun consultation with major lenders or ADIs (Authorised Deposit-Taking Institutions) to ease lending standards for new and existing residential mortgage applicants.

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Should I fix the interest rate on my home loan? Blambles FInance answers this for you in the blog.
Should I fix the interest rate on my home loan? Blambles FInance answers this for you in the blog.

Should I fix the interest rate on my home loan?

A question that I’m continuously asked by my clients is, “Should I fix the interest on my home loan?”.  And fair enough too — if there are ways to save from paying unnecessary fees to the banks, we should be onto it.
So here are my 5 questions to ask yourself, to determine whether fixing your loan is right for you.

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My number one tip for buying your first home by private treaty

Read on to discover my top tip for submitting a STRONG offer on the house you want to buy.

Buying your first home is a significant investment and if you’re like most people, it’s the largest financial decision you will have to make at any one time. So, it pays to make sure you have the right purchasing strategy in place to ensure you buy at the right price because;
• you can control what you pay for a property,
• you can’t control what you sell it for.

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